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Video Workouts and Virtual Playgroups... #coronavirus

Scroll down for your evolving FREE schedule!

Holding space for our community to have social connection, for both moms and kids, is our top priority. These classes are for moms and kids of all ages!

❤️ Purchase a membership to continue joining us! $0-$85 sliding scale. From Strides all levels strength training and cardio, to hatha yoga and power workouts, we're offering 8+ workouts a week via live video to connect and move with our community of mamas. Each will be recorded in case you miss us live. There will be 4+ live video playgroups with fun themes for the kids, PLUS moms' nights "out"/happy hours, coffee dates and special guest health expert mamas.

💛 $25 memberships with code "COVID19"

💛 $85 to support this small business and make programming more accessible to moms experiencing financial hardships

💛 $0 membership -- has the pandemic eliminated your job, or left your family in financial distress? Maybe just stressed the f out? We are here for it. Let's trade. Do you know sign language? Play the ukelele? Teach kids yoga? Are you a bookkeeper? Write to 510@fit4mom.com and tell us your idea.

The schedule beginning Monday will look something like this:

9:30 am live stream workouts 7 days a week

11:00 am live stream playgroups Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

4:00 pm live stream videos Tuesdays and Thursdays

*all workouts will be recorded for moms to access later*

You can expect each workout to be about 35-45 minutes. Because we won't be outdoors moving from station to station, classes will be a bit shorter and "too the point" than our typical outdoor stroller format. And yes we assume your children (of all ages) will be present in some way -- we love that! We encourage them to participate if they'd like, and we'll all be embracing the home-together-chaos :)

Because of our staff's family and scheduling needs, there have been, and will probably continue to be, some changes. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience as we transition our in person services to video services -- it's a real puzzle! Please come back here or to facebook for the most up to date deets.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, hopes or wishes from our online programming. We are working hard to continue providing you with the absolute best mama community, workouts with kids in tow (or home from school), and playgroups to socialize.

Love ya'll so much!

Past Events

❤️ 3/16 Monday All Levels "Stroller" Strides 9:30 am

❤️ 3/16 Monday PLAYGROUP: Bathtub Artists 10:30 am

❤️ 3/17 Tuesday Strides 360 9:30 am

❤️ 3/17 Tuesday FIT4BABY + "Stroller" Strides 4:00 pm

❤️ 3/18 Wednesday "Stroller" Strides 9:30 am

❤️ 3/18 Wednesday PLAYGROUP: Baby Doll Bath 4:00 pm

❤️ 3/19 Thursday Strides 360 4:00 pm

❤️ 3/20 Friday "Stroller" Strides 9:30 am

❤️ 3/20 Friday PLAYGROUP: Bubbly Car Wash 11:00 am

❤️ 3/21 Saturday Strides 360 8:30 am

❤️ 3/21 Saturday Video Chat with Communikind Founder Cimeran Kapur 10:00 am

❤️ 3/22 Sunday Video Coffee Date with Well In The West: Immunity Boosters You Already Own 9:30 am

❤️ 3/22 Sunday Power Workout 11: 00 am