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Mamas' Corner

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Our Village has always been more than just the mamas in our classes, it extends into our local communities too. Being a part of 510 means supporting our entire SF Bay Area neighborhood. So what are we doing this giving season?

We're partnering with the Women's Daytime Dropin Center, Berkeley for their Holiday Toy Drive happening now thru Saturday, December 11th, 2021

Gifts should be for children ages 0-5. Bring unwrapped new toys to class or purchase online from our favorite local toy store, Five Little Monkeys (@fivelittlemonkeystoys). We hope you shop local, shop small with us this holiday season.

If you’re ordering online MAKE SURE TO BOOKMARK THIS ADDRESS to input at checkout:

Dawn Sagorski

WDDC: Toy Drive - FIT4MOM 510

‪2218 Acton Street‬

‪Berkeley, CA 94702‬

T: ‪510-548-2884‬

To sweeten the deal, each toy is a raffle entry - prizes include gift cards to some of our favorite local businesses. Toy drive and raffle are open to all, FIT4MOM 510 membership not required.

For online orders mailed directly to the Women's Center, email 510@fit4mom.com or DM us @fit4mom510 a screenshot of your receipt to claim your free class passes/membership credits and raffle entry. Online purchases through 5 Little Monkeys is not required for entry - online purchases can be made anywhere.


About the Women's Daytime Drop In Center

The WDDC has provided a safe space and support services to at-risk homeless women and their children since 1988. They empower women and children to move from the streets to a home. They provide individual care catered to each client, her goals, and her individual needs. WDDC serves an average of 150 women and children each month. This holiday, WDDC have ~300 families for which they host a holiday gift drive.

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Scroll down for your evolving FREE schedule!

Holding space for our community to have social connection, for both moms and kids, is our top priority. These classes are for moms and kids of all ages!

❤️ Purchase a membership to continue joining us! $0-$85 sliding scale. From Strides all levels strength training and cardio, to hatha yoga and power workouts, we're offering 8+ workouts a week via live video to connect and move with our community of mamas. Each will be recorded in case you miss us live. There will be 4+ live video playgroups with fun themes for the kids, PLUS moms' nights "out"/happy hours, coffee dates and special guest health expert mamas.

💛 $25 memberships with code "COVID19"

💛 $85 to support this small business and make programming more accessible to moms experiencing financial hardships

💛 $0 membership -- has the pandemic eliminated your job, or left your family in financial distress? Maybe just stressed the f out? We are here for it. Let's trade. Do you know sign language? Play the ukelele? Teach kids yoga? Are you a bookkeeper? Write to 510@fit4mom.com and tell us your idea.

The schedule beginning Monday will look something like this:

9:30 am live stream workouts 7 days a week

11:00 am live stream playgroups Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

4:00 pm live stream videos Tuesdays and Thursdays

*all workouts will be recorded for moms to access later*

You can expect each workout to be about 35-45 minutes. Because we won't be outdoors moving from station to station, classes will be a bit shorter and "too the point" than our typical outdoor stroller format. And yes we assume your children (of all ages) will be present in some way -- we love that! We encourage them to participate if they'd like, and we'll all be embracing the home-together-chaos :)

Because of our staff's family and scheduling needs, there have been, and will probably continue to be, some changes. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience as we transition our in person services to video services -- it's a real puzzle! Please come back here or to facebook for the most up to date deets.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, hopes or wishes from our online programming. We are working hard to continue providing you with the absolute best mama community, workouts with kids in tow (or home from school), and playgroups to socialize.

Love ya'll so much!

Past Events

❤️ 3/16 Monday All Levels "Stroller" Strides 9:30 am

❤️ 3/16 Monday PLAYGROUP: Bathtub Artists 10:30 am

❤️ 3/17 Tuesday Strides 360 9:30 am

❤️ 3/17 Tuesday FIT4BABY + "Stroller" Strides 4:00 pm

❤️ 3/18 Wednesday "Stroller" Strides 9:30 am

❤️ 3/18 Wednesday PLAYGROUP: Baby Doll Bath 4:00 pm

❤️ 3/19 Thursday Strides 360 4:00 pm

❤️ 3/20 Friday "Stroller" Strides 9:30 am

❤️ 3/20 Friday PLAYGROUP: Bubbly Car Wash 11:00 am

❤️ 3/21 Saturday Strides 360 8:30 am

❤️ 3/21 Saturday Video Chat with Communikind Founder Cimeran Kapur 10:00 am

❤️ 3/22 Sunday Video Coffee Date with Well In The West: Immunity Boosters You Already Own 9:30 am

❤️ 3/22 Sunday Power Workout 11: 00 am

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My name is Cimeran Kapur and I'm the founder and CEO of Communikind. It's been a long road here, but I am building Communikind after deeply understanding and experiencing that in order for each person and child to unleash their life's full potential, they have to learn how to love and care for themselves. They have to know themselves best and be their own strongest advocate for their needs.

This is not an easy feat for us as humans as it is. And man, the current system architecture does not make it any easier. Our care ecosystem: hospitals, the different disciplines that all contribute to our health and wellness [acupuncturists, speech therapists, etc.], and all the people that care for us over our lives, all work with different frameworks and information. What's worse is that communication amongst them is very poor or non-existant. We sit in the middle of it all but without the tools to bring it all together. That's not a system that is built for our health care. It's built for sick care.

Personally, after I moved to India as a young child and was deeply affected by the poverty and poor health of so many young children, I singularly committed my life to making an impact in people's health. I spent over 15 years working and learning from all the disciplines that contribute to our health, especially when it comes to a child, and I've always sought to bring these disciplines together to serve people and families.

I spent my career in public health, special education, research, clinic operations, and care coordination before I finally went to medical school at UC Davis to train as a pediatric head and neck surgeon. I thought that being a doctor would allow me to have the tools and voice to make system-wide changes from the inside. That was until one lecture discussed how little we can actually do as physician leaders to make an impact because the environment and larger networks had contributed to a system where we have limitations to our impact.

I couldn't stomach this lecture. This was not what I set out for. I felt like I'd wasted all my life getting here for nothing. I kept reeling thinking about how people could better be in charge of their health destinies - 1) through owning their holistic health information so they have a complete picture of their health and wellness, 2) with the right resources to help them make good decisions for themselves and 3) building a strong community of care with effective communication so they have the support they need when needed.

The idea of Communikind was planted and there was no going back. But I was lacking one major perspective. Even with all my years' experience, nothing prepared me for becoming a patient myself -- literally a month after the seed of Communikind was planted, I was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. It was so eye-opening and powerful experiencing first hand what my patients experienced. I fought and advocated every step of the way, and even with all my connections, I was the person who actually saved my life.

My patient experience has further crystallized and informed how we're building Communikind and we plan to empower as many families as possible to take the best care of themselves.

Meet Cimeran Saturday March 14th at Christie Park!


Communikind's care management platform empowers families with the information, resources and supportive community they need to be their own best health advocates.

With our HIPAA secure app, parents can build their own, their child or their pet's health history from birth and selectively share information with each family members' respective care villages. We know how frustrating is it to navigate health and our system, so we also offer high-touch and well-informed care coaches who help you build strong health habits, advocacy skills, self-confidence and self-love to become your life's own best health advocate.

Apply to Beta Program (pre-public launch) for FREE services

As part of the program, you will receive FREE access to our secure web and mobile app for your family and the first 100 families will get FREE personalized wellness coaching. Please apply on our website and we'll get back to you.

In the fall, we will likely also be awarding a few hundred of our Beta Program champions FREE medical record porting so they can truly own all their health information in one place. The greatest gift you can give your child is the knowledge on how to care for themselves. We want to really begin a movement so we care to get those most invested in health involved!

As part of enrolling in the Beta Program, we ask that you submit feedback at least once on how we can improve in serving your family.


Full disclosure: I watch “The Bachelor”. Not because I love watching 23-year-olds cry over spilled champagne, but because it gives me something to discuss with my girlfriends during the week over group chat. A light, witty, question-laden discussion in which I can forget for a moment how my toddler took 20 minutes to put on his shirt by himself this morning and how frustrated I felt about it. That’s the reason, ladies, that I watch “The Bachelor”.

Actually, there’s one more reason - it’s my partner. As much as my husband would probably like to deny it, he wants to know as much as I do why Pilot Pete continues to offer certain women roses week after week, despite the many red flags that have us shouting at the screen. When he joins me on the couch halfway into an episode, asking questions and offering little quips about the contestants, I’m reminded that at the end of the day we’re not just teammates going through pros and cons lists for preschools - we’re friends.

When 99% of our conversations with our partners turn into logistical meetings about toddler birthday party invites, or when our little one last pooped, it can be really hard to get out of that routine. It becomes even harder when we add our own separate lives to the mix. Getting out of the house for a yoga class can help us feel fulfilled yet take us away from our families at the same time. It’s a super conflicting feeling, because as much as I want and need independence, I also crave that sense of belonging - that feeling that I’m with my people.

Which is why I really do enjoy watching “The Bachelor”. Because as strange as it sounds, that’s what Pilot Pete and his gaggle of 20-somethings are giving me each week - a sense that there’s someone in my life who wants to sit with me on the couch and share a moment together that’s not devoted to figuring out the intricacies of the 2-year-old mind, but rather a moment of light-hearted fun. And I use that moment to fuel me through hard moments later in the week when we don’t have a chance to connect. It may not sound like much, but having something silly to share with my husband outside of our love and affection for each other and our family has brought us together in a way that I’ve missed for a while now, and I’m so grateful for those moments shared on the couch.

Rachelle Aiello is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and founder of Pacific Parent Counseling who is passionate about helping couples through the transition to parenthood. She is the mom of a spunky 2-year-old and loves reading actual books in addition to watching lots of great TV to unwind.

Join Rachelle later this month for her exclusive Bringing Baby Home Workshop geared at strengthening relationships for new parents. Use code FIT4MOM510 for a 10% discount.


Excited to give our moms more! Hosting space for local mom experts to share what they know and hold our hand through the mysteries of motherhood.

Coming soon!